yugyoan tankumakitamise





About us


The history of Kyoto spanning over one thousand two hundred years, carries on the traditions and culture of Japan.

We express the delicate taste of seasonal cuisine.

We entertain warmly with the spirit of "Ichi-go Ichi-e", treasuring every meeting with customers, for it may never recur.


About Yugyo-an Tankuma



In Mori Ogai's well-known novel, Takasebune, written in the early Showa Era the idea of the Tankuma restaurant was born near Kyoto's famous Takase River.


Restaurant serving seasonal river fish stood side-by-side on the  Takasegawa banks during Edo period .


We recently opened restaurants in Tokyo, Yokohama, Karuizawa, and Sendai continuing the tradition of the long-established top cuisine restaurant of Kyoto store.



"Kuma" of "Tan-kuma" was taken from the name of the founder"Kumasaburo Kurusu".

And "Tan"was taken from the name of the restaurant where he was trained "Tan-ei". 



Mr. Hirata of Tenryu-ji Temple named "Yugyo-an"(using the Chinese characters for fish and bear) which mean "Lips of a carp and the hand of bear" is the feast after the Chinese proverb "Ri-shin-yu-sho"